A collection of extraordinary personal stories from thought leaders, celebrities, statesmen and women, Nobel Prize winners, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and others driving and inspiring positive change

‘How to do good’ is a celebration of thoughtfulness and shared humanity. Each of our wide range of contributors is making a positive difference in today’s challenged world: from European and Middle Eastern royalty, to a former US president who commands international respect, to one half of the world’s wealthiest couple and its highest-profile advocates for effective philanthropy.

Our writers are Hollywood icons, and also the heads of some of the world’s largest foundations and humanitarian bodies. They are successful businesspeople and dynamic social entrepreneurs. They are everyday people doing truly extraordinary things. Taken together, these exclusive essays and interviews show us all what can be achieved given vision and determination, and whatever our individual circumstances.


In celebration of the launch of ‘How to do good’, please join us for a series of challenging and inspirational discussions on philanthropy and some of the most pressing issues of our times

Entry is free for those who register, and everyone who attends will take home a complimentary copy of the ‘How to do good’ book


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